ZZ Plant - Large

ZZ Plant - Large

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A perfect gift for your negligent, plant-loving friend, this shiny and slick easy-care plant has a unique, eye-catching form and a gorgeous, dense cluster of glossy zig-zag leaves. It is drought tolerant, can handle dry air, and will be happy in low-light conditions. If given bright indirect light, it will shoot out new growth like emerging bamboo shoots more often. Like a succulent, the thick stems and bulbous roots store water, making it the perfect houseplant for the traveler or workaholic. 

ZZ Plants are poisonous if ingested. Keep away from pets and small children.

Includes 6” ceramic cover pot

Approximately 24” tall x 10” wide overall

Available for store pickup and local delivery
5% of all plants sales donated to Lakeview Food Pantry


The Zamioculcus prefers low to bright indirect light, but the brighter the indirect light, the better.


Only water when the soil is completely dry. This plant will go without water for long periods of time!


Fertilize twice during the growing season with a ½-strength diluted complete fertilizer, once in the spring and once again in the summer as these plants do not like to be fertilized often.