Snake Plant "Black Coral" - Large

Snake Plant "Black Coral" - Large

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Its easy care nature, cool architectural looks and adaptability to almost any environment make the Snake Plant (Sansaveria) pretty much the perfect plant. This plant truly thrives on neglect! It will tolerate any lighting condition and requires infrequent watering to stay healthy.

What's included: A healthy plant potted in a 6" nursery pot with premium potting soil and nestled inside one of our lovely ceramic cover pots. 

Size: Approximately 18" tall x 8" wide overall including 6" pot. 

Light: Will grow in any lighting situation but thrives in bright, indirect light.

Water: Water thoroughly and then allow to dry out completely between waterings.

Pet Friendly: No. Toxic if ingested.

Available for store pickup or local delivery. Unfortunately we don't ship plants yet.

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