Neon Pothos- Large

Neon Pothos- Large

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The brilliant Neon Pothos (Epipremnum aureum 'Neon') sports heart-shaped leaves in a brilliant, electrifying green. Best of all, this charming houseplant is just as tough, easy to grow and carefree as all other pothos plants. These bright plants perk up rooms and offices with their chartreuse yellow-green leaves.

What's included: A healthy plant potted in a 6" nursery pot with premium potting soil and nestled inside one of our lovely ceramic cover pots. 

Size: Approximately 8" tall x 10" wide overall including 6" pot. 

Light: Neon Pothos is able to adapt to lower light but thrives in bright, indirect light year-round. Harsh, direct sunlight will scorch the leaves, while too little light will cause the leaves to become a pale green and smaller in size. 

Water: Water when the top inch of the soil is dry. Look out for drooping yellow leaves, they are a symptom of too much water. 

Pet Friendly: No. Toxic if ingested.

Available for store pickup or local delivery. 

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