Heart Fern - Small

Heart Fern - Small

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This Heart Fern (Hemionitis Arifolia) has beautiful shiny dark green leafed fern with almost perfect heart shaped leaves. The fronds have short fuzzy stems on a small growing plant and will happily grow in medium unfiltered light. 

Includes 4" ceramic cover pot

Approximately 6" tall x 6" wide overall

Available for store pickup or local delivery


Most people assume ferns thrive in the shadows, but these houseplants need some light, so don’t hide them in dark corners. Medium, indirect dappled light will bring out the best in them (picture them under a thick canopy of trees on a sunny day). Avoid direct sunlight.


Ferns need constant moisture, but don’t let them sit in standing water. Only certain types of wetland ferns can live in that environment. More importantly, do not neglect to water your fern. When that happens, you will find a dying fern surrounded by a ring of brown, crunchy leaves.


Ferns adapt easily to most household temperatures. They prefer to live in cooler temps, but can withstand temperatures into the 90’s. They’ll just need more water and shade during a heat wave.


Humidity is a MUST in order to keep your fern strong and vigorous! If you think about the tropical rainforests where they naturally grow, it’s easy to see why. A humidifier will be the best solution to raise the humidity in your home during the cold months when the forced-air heat is cranking and dries out your air. Misting your plants is a temporary fix; if you’re able to mist multiple times daily that will help. If you can’t mist often, then place the ferns on a tray filled with pebbles and water so the evaporating water can reach the foliage.


Feed your ferns with a ¼-diluted complete liquid fertilizer twice a month during the growing season. Do not feed during the winter or in the colder months.