ZZ Plant - Large

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A perfect gift for your negligent, plant-loving friend, this shiny and slick easy-care plant has a unique, eye-catching form and a gorgeous, dense cluster of glossy zig-zag leaves. It is drought tolerant, can handle dry air, and will be happy in low-light conditions. If given bright indirect light, it will shoot out new growth like emerging bamboo shoots more often. Like a succulent, the thick stems and bulbous roots store water, making it the perfect houseplant for the traveler or workaholic. 

WHAT'S INCLUDED: A healthy plant potted in a 12" nursery pot with premium potting soil nestled inside one of our lovely ceramic pots.

SIZE: Approximately " tall x " wide overall including pot.

LIGHT: ZZ Plants are happy in any lighting situation except for direct sunlight. 

WATER: Water thoroughly and then allow to dry out completely between waterings.

PET FRIENDLY: No. Toxic if ingested.

Available for store pickup or local delivery. 

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