Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree - Floor Standing

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree - Floor Standing

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The Fiddle Leaf Fig is easily recognizable and loved for its distinctive foliage. This tall, dramatic plant has very large, heavily veined, violin-shaped leaves that grow upright. Native to the tropic climate of Western Africa, the Fiddle Leaf Fig prefers very warm, bright, and humid conditions. This can make them somewhat challenging to grow indoors, but given the right conditions they will thrive.

WHAT'S INCLUDED: A healthy plant potted in a 14" nursery pot with premium potting soil and nestled inside a rattan basket with a saucer to gather water. 

SIZE: Approximately 6' tall x 3' wide overall including 14" tall basket. 

LIGHT: Requires 6-8 hours of bright, indirect light per day. Can tolerate some direct sunlight.

WATER: Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees prefer to dry out slightly between waterings, and while they take a good deal of water to keep healthy, soggy soil will drown the plant. If your leaves start to brown and fall and the soil is moist, let the plant dry out until the soil becomes completely dry.

PET FRIENDLY: No. Can cause mouth irritation and digestive reaction.

TIP: Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees don't like to be moved around or have their roots disturbed. Once you find a brightly lit spot for them to live let them settle in.

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