African Mask Plant - Large

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Alocasia Polly is a gorgeous plant with dramatic, waxy leaves. It gets its common name from its resemblance to ceremonial African masks but actually hails from Southeast Asia. 

WHAT'S INCLUDED: A healthy plant potted in a 6" nursery pot with premium potting soil and nestled inside one of our lovely ceramic cover pots.

SIZE: Approximately 18" tall x 14" wide overall including 6" pot. 

LIGHT: Prefers bright indirect light though they will tolerate medium light conditions. Keep out of direct sunlight. 

WATER: Thrives in a humid environment and requires moist (but not wet) soil during the growing season. Allow soil to dry out slightly between waterings during the dormant fall/winter season.

PET FRIENDLY: No. Very toxic to pets and people if ingested.

TIPS: Some leaves will turn brown and fall off during the dormant season. This is normal and not a sign of problems with the plant.

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